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ANN: Addresses 0.2

From: Björn Giesler
Subject: ANN: Addresses 0.2
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:47:55 +0100


I'm pleased to announce that Addresses 0.2 is available for download on my
server! Addresses aims to be a completly free implementation of Apple's 
AddressBook.framework and AddressBook.app for GNUstep.

The package contains:
  o Addresses.framework: A free, sourcecode-compatible replacement for 
                         Apple's AddressBook.framework
  o Addresses.app: An address manager application
  o addresstool: A commandline application to work with addresses

The package can be downloaded at


In the new release, the graphical address manager application (the app
formerly known as Contacts :-)) has been ported to make use of the new
framework. In the process of this, the framework has undergone some heavy
bugfixing; and the group storage format has changed (yet again :-().
Searching has been implemented; and while there hasn't been any actual
integration with GNUMail yet, enterprising people can add some support 
themselves: Just add
  #define MACOSX
in AddressBook.m and Group.m in GNUMail's root source directory and 
to the GNUMail Makefile's LDFLAGS; and voila, autocompletion of email
addresses in the To: line should work!

There's much to be done yet; please send all bug reports to me, but
don't complain about missing features until at least version 0.5 :-)


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