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Re: Debian and SimplyGNUstep

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Re: Debian and SimplyGNUstep
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 20:42:27 -1000

Thanks for the info.

I really don't think that you can shove the GNUstep file layout into a FHS. It has to be its own thing. Maybe...Maybe...Someday Debian will have it's GNUstep packages installed into more sensible locations.
Until then though, I'm going down my own road.

The SGSTEP repository should be ready before Monday.


On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 08:22 PM, PUYDT Julien wrote:

On jeu, 2003-10-09 at 03:38, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
On this issue, even with my own Debian hat on, I just punt and say "you
can't do it in Debian, so it has to be done separately". To an extent
that I'm not going to be doing any GNUstep stuff for Debian myself,
because I wouldn't be actually using my own packages. Even those for
which I'm the upstream (like Preferences, recently uploaded by you).

* I think the Debian/BSD people also want some modification to the
filesystem hierarchy, for a /libexec or some such;
* I know for sure the Debian/Hurd people want much more modifications to this hierarchy too: they want a /hurd, and a /server, and no /usr (they
symlink /usr to / since all debian packages want this anyway);

Hence don't worry about steppers wanting yet another fhs addition ;-)

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