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I18N Bug in NSPerformService()

From: Björn Giesler
Subject: I18N Bug in NSPerformService()
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 13:37:32 +0100


NSPerformService() is supposed to take the service name in any language as the 
first argument. I'm trying to get GNUMail to write an email, so I call 

NSPerformService(@"GNUMail/New Mail with recipient", pb);

This works when NSLanguages is set to English, but not if it's set to German 
(the service is then called "GNUMail/Neue Mail mit Empfänger"). Looks like 
NSPerformService doesn't search all internationalizations, as it's supposed to 
do, but only the current one.

Is there any other way to cleanly call a specific service?


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