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Re: Questions for deploying GNUStep

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Re: Questions for deploying GNUStep
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 18:58:27 -1000

I was working on a DirectFB backend for quite a while. However, I discovered that the way DirectFB handles multiple applications is via a cooperative sharing scheme. DirectFB would be nice, but cooperative multitasking would be a step back.

Know I 'm not sure where to go besides the begining..X11.


On Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at 10:24 AM, Rafael de Jaime JuliĆ” wrote:

First of all, hi to the list.

Now, I wonder what would be the best way of deploying GNUStep as a desktop system... Is DGS reliable/working/useful or not? Which is the best (alpha and such things) backend for GNUStep? Is it possible to change the theme? I mean, is the GUI formed off pixmaps or is it hard-coded? Would it be too hard to theme it?

Thank you!


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