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Re: MyFolks renaming

From: thisguyisi
Subject: Re: MyFolks renaming
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 16:37:51 -0700
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Alexander Malmberg wrote:
Björn Giesler wrote:

would everyone be happy if I just called the damn thing "Addresses.frame=
work", with a plain "A" as a prefix?

No. "A" is too short. If we used single-letter prefixes, we'd only have
26, and that's not enough.

- Alexander Malmberg

Discuss-gnustep mailing list

There are a couple ways around the naming problem. I for one cast my vote strongly against the "MyFolks" name, because (smile) to be honest I had a picture of a tobacco chewing hick in grubby overalls jump to mind. Hope that wasn't too harsh, but I doubt that is the image or association you are going for in relation to your project.

I agree that a prefix of "A" is too short. If you are unwilling to just use "AddressBook.app", "Contacts.app", and "AB" for the names, I was able to  come up with some logical alternatives.

1. Framework name & prefix:
    - AddressBook.framework, prefix "AB" (you don't like this, I know, I am just being thorough)
    - Addresses.framework, prefix "AD". The prefix "AD" (from "AD"dresses) is easily understandable, and differentiates from "AB".
    - AddressRepository.framework, Address Respository, prefix "AR"
    - AddressStore.framework, prefix "AS"
    - AddressCatalog.framework, prefix "AC" (which works best, to me)
    - (this one is a joke, as I _doubt_ you wouldn't get sued over it) Rolodex.framework, "RD".
        Although you could do the cryptic "GNUdex", prefix "GX"
    - ContactManager.framework, prefix "CM"
    - ContactIndex.framework, prefix "CI" or "CX"

2. Application Name
    - AddressBook (again, just being thorough with possibilities)
    - Contacts.app (which you apparently don't like due to the name of the tool)
    - ContactManager.app (close to Contacts.app, yet differentiates from the tool name)
    - Addresses.app
    - AddressManager.app
    - AddressRepository.app
    - AddressStore.app (store as in storage, not as in retail sales)
    - AddressCatalog.app
    - Rolodex.app ( lighten up! :-)  )
    - GNUdex.app
    - ContactIndex.app

Out of curiosity, does the Contacts tool just use Apples AddressBook API as it is, or does it specify any special code with its own prefixes? As for the name, has the owner of the Contacts tool project been contacted to see if s/he would mind a GUI application sharing the name? Maybe s/he would be interested in collaborating, so a common tool and optional GUI could be developed. Food for thought, please don't throw things at me, I might not be all that swift. :-)

Best Regards,

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