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Re: PATCH: Find more ObjC methods

From: Ziemowit Laski
Subject: Re: PATCH: Find more ObjC methods
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 15:34:35 -0700

On Monday, Oct 6, 2003, at 15:14 US/Pacific, Alexander Malmberg wrote:

Ziemowit Laski wrote:
On Sunday, Oct 5, 2003, at 07:52 US/Pacific, Alexander Malmberg wrote:
2. Warning. Should the compiler warn when a method declared only in an
@implementation is used outside that @implementation?
(2) is a convention, but a very useful convention, and it's used a lot
in eg. GNUstep.

And what does this convention buy you?  You wind up warning about
that are _always_ available!  :-)


I'm not really sure if this statement is intended as a joke, as the
smilie implies, or not. Do I need to explain why conventions, in
addition to what the language enforces, and with help from the compiler
in following them, are a good thing?

You do if your conventions rely on buggy compiler behavior. In this case,
you are asking that the compiler ignore a method that is in plain sight
and pretend that it is not there.  What could possibly be the benefit of

Perhaps in the future,

Is there any good reason why it can't be done now?

If you can engineer a patch which, when say, '-Wprivate-methods' is specified, generates an aptly-worded warning, I'd personally have no objections (even though I still have absolutely no clue as to why this would be useful to anyone).

when we unify the the ..._INTERFACE_TYPE and
data structures, we can also define a METHOD_HAS_PROTOTYPE() bit in
..._METHOD_DECL, and you
guys could key off of that to generate the (newly-worded) warning?
This would have to be
enabled via a flag, since our resident NeXTies would almost certainly
_not_ want to see this
warning. :-(

They see it now, so I don't think it'd kill them to keep seeing it. :)

To the extent that they are seeing it now, it is clearly a bug, since the
warning says 'foo may not respond to bar', even though foo absolutely,
positively responds to bar in this case.

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