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Re: [Q] MySQL EOF Adaptor in ObjC ?

From: NeXT
Subject: Re: [Q] MySQL EOF Adaptor in ObjC ?
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 03:22:06 +0900


I've just created GNUmakefiles for building and some small modifications for proper inclusion of Foundation.h and other required files. Let me know whether this works.
I also will test this with some emodel file.

Thanks in advance.

On 2003-10-02 21:12:04 +0900 David Ayers <address@hidden> wrote:

NeXT wrote:


I've managed to build MySQLEOAdaptor but I'm not that professional so that I can write eomodel file with vi :-)
Is there any simple example so that I can test this MySQLEOAdaptor ?

If you send me a tarball privately (or point me to the correct location) I could run it through my gnsutep-guile GDL2 tests (which I still haven't cleaned up to finally commit them :-/ .... I'll look into that soon.) They are by far not complete but it does test some of the basics. (Like creating a simple EOModel, saving it, loading it and comparing it to the original.)

Thanks in advance.

If EOModeler.app in WebObjects 5 can make compatible model I can make a simple model. Is it compatible?

Well most of the real model making magic is in the Adaptor itself. So depending on whether that is implemented, you should be able to make an EOModel with EOModler.app. And yes, that .eomodeld file should also work with GDL2.

There were a few folks that wanted to look into providing a small GDL2 example (including me :-/) but I'm not sure how far they are (well I know that I won't have time soon). But don't let that scare you from contributing one yourself :-)


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