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Re: GSGState DPSrectclip:

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: GSGState DPSrectclip:
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 19:36:57 +0700
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Pete French wrote:

Why would it keep old path there rather destroy it?

because DPSrectclip is not supposed to alter the current path ?

From PostScript® language reference

rectclip x y width height rectclip –
numarray rectclip –
numstring rectclip –
intersects the area inside the current clipping path with a rectangular path defined by the operands to produce a new, smaller clipping path. In the first form, the operands
are four numbers that define a single rectangle. In the other two forms, the
operand is an array or an encoded number string that defines an arbitrary number
of rectangles (see Sections 3.14.5, “Encoded Number Strings,” and 4.6.5,
“Rectangles”). ***After computing the new clipping path, rectclip clears the current
path with an implicit newpath operation.***

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