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ANN: ViewIt 0.6

From: stefan
Subject: ANN: ViewIt 0.6
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 18:58:16 +0200 (CEST)
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I have just uploaded a new version of ViewIt (0.6). The most important
(IMHO) new features are: Searching, Document Outline and a first alpha
version of a PDFImageRep. For a full list see below. The screenshots on
the ViewIt homepage have been updated been as well as the feature list.

Download ViewIt 0.6 from the ViewIt homepage:

(direct download: http://mac.wms-network.de/gnustep/viewit/ViewIt-0.6.tar.gz)

I hope you like the new release. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

New features since version 0.5:

* Searching in PDF Documents. To search for a text fragment choose
  'Find Panel' from the Find Menu (or press Command-f). To find the
  next occurence press Find Next in this panel or Command-g. Currently
  only forward searching is supported. When the end of the document is
  reached the search is continued at the beginning.

* Outline for PDF Documents. If a PDF provides an outline (index) this
  outline can be displayed and used for navigation by selecting 'Document
  Outline' from the Display menu. Double-clicking an item will take you to
  the corresponding page.

* Papersizes Panel. The page layout parameters can now be accessed via
  a (very simple) page layout panel. This panel is available through
  the Format menu. Fabien Vallon is currently working on a better panel
  with more features (like choosing the display unit). When it is finished
  i will intergrate it in ViewIt.

* Hide/show toolbar. The toolbar visibility can be toggled by choosing
  'Toggle Toolbar Visibility' from the Display menu or by pressing
  Command-t. New windows will show the toolbar by default. If you want
  to change this, you can set the default value ToolbarVisible to NO
  (defaults write ViewIt ToolbarVisible NO). Maybe i will integrate
  this in the preferences panel.

* Simple Bookmarking. A new simple bookmark mechanism allows you to
  keep track of where you are (or where you have been before). You can
  mark the current position in a document by choosing 'set Bookmark' from
  the Display menu (or by pressing Command+B). To jump back to the last
  bookmark choose 'go to last Bookmark' from the Display menu or press
  Command+j. I use this feature when reading a document and i want
  to read something that is 'two pages' before my current position
  without loosing this position.

* Keyboard Navigation. The display area can be scrolled by using the
  Arrow and PageUp/Down keys. When the end of a page is reached, pressing
  PageDown will show the top of the next page. Vice versa, pressing
  PageUp at the top of a page will show the end of the previous page.

* Display Menu. All functions that are accessible via the toolbar (plus
  a few other) are available through the new Display menu. Most of them
  have Keyboard shortcuts assigned.

* Last but not least: a first alpha version of a PDFImageRep. This can
  be used instead of Ghostscript to render PDF Content. To make ViewIt
  using PDFImageRep instead of Ghostscript, you have to activate the
  corresponding setting in the Preferences/Experimental Tab. However,
  do not expect too much. Nearly everything needs to be improved: fonts,
  text encoding, speed, .... Note that images are currently not displayed.
  My current biggest problem is to use embedded fonts but i will (try to)
  discuss this in a separate thread.
  Note that the Pagelayout panel is currently only available when
  ghostscript is used.

For a complete list of changes have a look at the  CHANGES file in the

I will now concentrate on continuing PDFImageRep (and some other things
like Postscript support for ViewIt). Once it is finished think i will
release it as a separate library or bundle.

happy gnustepping
Stefan Kleine Stegemann

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