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Re: [objc-improvements] Synced in with mainline yet again...

From: Ziemowit Laski
Subject: Re: [objc-improvements] Synced in with mainline yet again...
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 14:37:04 -0700

On Tuesday, Sep 16, 2003, at 13:56 US/Pacific, David Ayers wrote:

While we are waiting on enlightenment on the contents of the branch :-),

These fall into two categories:
(1) Bug fixes (as evidenced by the numerous new test cases vs. mainline) (2) Support for new Mac OS X (NeXT) runtime features, accessible via -fobjc-exceptions, -fno-nil-receivers, -fzero-link and -freplace-objc-classes, all of which have already been documented in gcc/doc/invoke.texi. Test cases are included (and made Darwin-specific when appropriate).

I've been hacking away on 'Class <Protocol>'. I'll be posting an RFC with a prospective patch, but it seems the front end could use some cleanup that goes a bit further than C90, but more in a separate post once I'm satisfied with some of the edge cases.

I believe that Andreas Jaeger has already prepared an ISO-fying patch for Objective-C, and Stan is currently working on putting this into the objc-improvmenets-branch.

But while setting up the tests for the feature I noticed an ICE on invalid code:

Please do file a Bugzilla. Better yet, when the merge to mainline is complete, you can have a go at fixing this ICE, along with your 'Class <Protocol>' work! :-)


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