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Re: [Interfacewm-discuss] Re: [ANNOUNCE] InterfaceWM 0.2.5 Released

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: Re: [Interfacewm-discuss] Re: [ANNOUNCE] InterfaceWM 0.2.5 Released
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 09:16:04 -0700

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 22:19:47 +0100
jordan muscott <address@hidden> wrote:
> er, slightly embarressing question this, but how do I start it?
> I've put: exec interfacewm
> at the end of my ~/.xinitrc, but after startx interfacewm doesn't
> start and prints the following to the console:
> Usage: interface [-display]
> I'm not sure as to exactly what I should be passing in as -display.

Take a look at the file called README.install.
At the end, under "Miscellaneous", you'll find the description to files
in the subdirectory named misc/

The files you are interested in, are 'iwm' and 'xinitrc'.

The first -- iwm -- is a simple wrapper for the actual executable
'interfacewm'. Just copy the file in your user's HOME/bin and make it

The second -- xinitrc -- is a sample xinitrc file that uses above
mentioned script to launch interfacewm. You can use it as an example how
to modify your existing ~/.xinitrc, or use it instead.

Hope that helps,


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