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Re: Contacts - A Command-line AddressBook API utility

From: Dr. Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Re: Contacts - A Command-line AddressBook API utility
Date: 14 Sep 2003 03:36:43 -0700

"Alex Perez" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> Hey folks,
> I know some people here are working on implimenting some sort of
> AddressBook API. Can the folks doing so (if there are multiple) all please
> raise their hands and write the gnustep community a brief little email
> detailing what you're banging on? Are you re-implimenting Apple's
> AddressBook API? If not, why not? Is it a bad API?

We have started to write an AddressBook with fully compatible API in
mySTEP (which is LGPL open source as it is a clone of GNUstep).

=> http://www.dsitri.de/php/projects/project.php?project=mySTEP

But we have to admit that it is currently not much more than some
Headers (redesigned from the documentation - not copied) ... If
anybody can/wants to contribute, please let us have a note!

Reason for reimplementing AB API: we want to provide as much
compatbility as possible for embedded applications.

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