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NSTableView setAction: raising an exception

From: James Pendergrass
Subject: NSTableView setAction: raising an exception
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 11:37:32 -0400 (EDT)

Hello all,
I'm trying to build a gnustep application which relies on an NSTableView
to display some data.  When the user clicks (or double clicks) on rows in
the table view, I would like to do something, so in my UI controller's
awakeFromNib I have:
        [_theTableView setTarget:self];
        [_theTableView setDoubleAction:@selector(rowDoubleClicked:)];
        [_theTableView setAction:@selector(rowClicked:)];
Where _theTableView is an IBOutlet which is connected (using Gorm) to the
NSTableView instance.  (Gorm for some reason does not see the rowClicked:
and rowDoubleClicked IBActions which are defined in the UIController.h
file, which is why I'm doing this programmatically).

The problem is that when I launch the app and it tries to load the .gorm
file, I get the exception:
        Exception occured while trying to load model: attempt to set an
action in an NSCell

And the program gives up trying to load the model file.

I have established that the call to [_theTableView setAction:...] is what
is causing this exception to be thrown (the exception goes away if I
comment this line out, but the tableView still doesn't perform it's

I am using the latest stable version of gnustep and gorm (make-1.6.0,
base-1.6.0, gui-0.8.5, back-0.8.5, and Gorm-0.3.0) on a x86 box running
debian (woody).
I am absolutely baffled as to why this doesn't work.
(Note, the app compiles and runs successfully on MacOS X using Apple
s Cocoa API using a .nib file very similar to the .gorm that I am using
with GNUstep).

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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