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Re: ANN: Gps 0.2

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: Re: ANN: Gps 0.2
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 08:12:32 +0200


This discussion is getting legthy and I think it is starting to be about argue, 
how to call a screwdriver. If you come to a hardware store, you usually do not 
ask for a 'Rene' or 'Magda' meaning you want screwdriver or a hammer.

I would suggest to call taht tool (application) to reflect what it does. The 
word shourd be in direct connection with the purpose and the purpose from the 
name should be obvious at first look. If there is such simple name, only then 
you can add some additive names, like 'Hammer Rene', 'Screwdriver Magda' or 
'Screw Richard'. So for example, if the name is Position(.app), then you can 
add somewhere (in info panel), that THIS particular Position.app is called 
'Position-Mercator' or 'Position-Galileo' or whatever.

With this I would suggest this 'naming scheme', if there is need of one: use as 
simple as possible and as descriptive as possible name that comes into your 
mind when you want to do the task that an application does. Name it like that 
and then optionaly use some addition to be able to distinguish your hammer from 
other hammers.

Best regards,


On 2003-09-12 04:52:21 +0200 Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

How about Mercator?   As in the guy who came up with the Mercator projection
for maps?   There's no confusing what that's all about.
Just a suggestion. :)
--- Jason Clouse <address@hidden> wrote:
With Position.app, people can tell its purpose instantly, that's a pro
in my eyes.

Position kind of seems confusing to me. Is it a clone of the old Atari game,
"Pole Position"?  Is it software for arranging ballet choreography? (1st
Position, 2nd Position, etc.)?  GPS isn't even close to the first thing that
springs to mind when I hear "Position".  But maybe I'm just weird. :-)

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