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Re: ANN: Gps 0.2

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: Re: ANN: Gps 0.2
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 12:58:04 +0300

On 2003-09-10 07:54:06 +0300 Martin Brecher <address@hidden> wrote:

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Hi, -

All this being absolutely IMHO, I agree with Alex on this issue,
thinking at first a new version of a PS viewer had been released.

Here are some names that came to mind, which kind of fit in the *step
schema of names.

The name Navigator would be OK to use nowadays, I believe. With the
mozilla suite being broken up, recognition of the browser part as
Navigator will probably fade competely. To utterly avoid such confusion,
'Navigation' would be suitable in my eyes. [I just noticed that you
already call it Navigator on your site.]

The European GPS counterpart will be called Galileo. That might be an
appropriate name, too.

Ok, if all agree, I'll name it Galileo.

Or something like 'Position' or 'Positioner' to stay in touch with the
GPS name.


Alex Perez wrote:
| You (and others) might consider this nitpicky, but, unfortunately in the
| acronym-laden world we live in, Gps sounds, to me, like "GNUstep ps" I'm
| not at all sure about this, but do you think renaming it to GPS would help
| at all? After all, GPS = Global Positioning System, not Global positioning
| system. The conflict which would remain would be if someone were to
| misread it as "GNUstep PostScript" or something silly like that...In
| reality, though, I don't think your average joe would make that
| connection.
| I'm merely offering some constructive criticism WRT to naming conventions,
| not trying to be needlessly pedantic or tell you how to name your programs
| ;-)
| What do you (and others) think?
| Alex Perez
| Chief Linguistic Nit-Picker and Taxi Driver ;-)
| address@hidden

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