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Re: New warnings (hopefully) in gcc 3.4

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: New warnings (hopefully) in gcc 3.4
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 13:03:08 +0200
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Nicola Pero wrote:

[...] The @encode mechanism would still not recognize that -(id)method:(NSSize)aSize and -(id)method:(NSPoint)aPoint are equivalent.

Hmmm.  Are they really equivalent ?  The argument types seem to be quite
OK, I was wrong :-o ;
@interface Foo : NSObject -(NSPoint) foo; @end
@interface Bar : NSObject -(NSSize) foo; @end
   id tmp = [Foo new];
   NSSize  s=[tmp foo];
   NSPoint p=[tmp foo];
never worked before either.

(But I'm still not comfortable with the IMP assumption....)


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