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Re: Renaissance on Mac OS X - simple bugfix

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Renaissance on Mac OS X - simple bugfix
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:59:49 +0100 (BST)

> In building a .pbproj to build Renaissance.framework on Mac OS X, I 
> noticed a simple bug:
> In GSMarkupDecoderBackendCFXML.m:117 in the declaration of the 
> GSMarkupDecoderBackendCFXML class, the declaration of the parser 
> instance variable should be just a CFXMLParserRef, not a 
> CFXMLParserRef*.

Thanks Chris.  I fixed this on CVS.  I don't have an Apple with me to
test, and I wonder how this has escaped me when I was testing on Apple.  

Anyway - thanks again.

> With that fix, it's fairly easy to build Renaissance as a framework on 
> Mac OS X 10.2.6 using the December 2002 Mac OS X Developer Tools 
> without using gstep-make.  There are two tricky bits:
> (1) You should set Source/Renaissance.h to be your prefix file, and set 
> it to be precompiled, to make everything else build faster and with the 
> correct #define settings.
> (2) You can go ahead and add the DecoderBackend files to the project 
> but they should *not* be part of any target.  The correct decoder 
> backend -- in the case of Mac OS X, the CFXML backend -- will be chosen 
> based on platform #define settings that you don't have to muck with.
> I'd be happy to contribute my .pbproj if others would like it, though 
> I'm not sure I can invest the time to ensure that it's always 100% 
> up-to-date.  Right now it can be downloaded at 
> http://alpha.bdistributed.com/~cmh/Renaissance.pbproj.gnutar.gz; just 
> un-tar it in dev-libs/Renaissance, and you've got a Project Builder 
> project.

It sounds like it might be useful to Mac OS X people, unfortunately I
rarely access an Apple to test these things, so I'm not sure I can invest
the time to ensure that it's always 100% up-to-date either.

Is it Ok if I add a link to the .gnutar.gz on your site ?  It would also
be nice to copy your comments in a section in the Renaissance INSTALL.OSX
file.  I'll do it if you are Ok with that.

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