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Re: Problems with newest ProjectCenter

From: Philippe C . D . Robert
Subject: Re: Problems with newest ProjectCenter
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 00:24:29 +0200


On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 07:46 PM, Dirk Olmes wrote:
 gdnc works now from CVS on FreeBSD 4.8
 But ProjectCenter has problem.
 Open ProjectCenter and select menu "Project->New" or "Project->Open",
 I get "Uncaught exception NSInternalInconsistencyException, reason:
GSFFCallInvocation.m: 864 Assertion failed in GSInvocationCallback.
          No signature for selector projectNew:" or
         "No signature for selector projectOpen:"
 Gorm works fine.
 They are both from CVS.

Great to hear that - err, actually not. I've stumbled over this one some time ago now and mailed with Philippe privately, yet I couldn't find the source of the bug and Philippe couldn't reproduce it. So it's definitely not my machine alone ...

I am back from my vacations now, so I will look at this in the next few days. If somebody could send me a stacktrace this would help a lot!

Philippe C.D. Robert

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