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Re: Renaissance Patch - provides NSApplicattionMain() equivalent

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Renaissance Patch - provides NSApplicattionMain() equivalent
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 12:10:36 +0100

> I included GSMarkupApplicationMain() in the Markup/ subproject as it is
> not dependent on the tags used, and should always be available.

there goes my 50/50 - I had it in there originally and moved it. Couldnt
quite decide which side it should go in. Obviously I should have stuck
with the original instincts - I movedit because there was nothing
else in that directory which deppended on AppKit.

> The change is very nice - I'd like to document it in the manual.  I was
> thinking if it implicitly depends on gnustep-make being used.

No, but it *does* depend on you being able to get the GSMainModelFile
properly into the Info.plist file somehow. Now I have never reall used
project builder in mylife, not on OSX, not on OpenStep, not on NextStep. So
I dont know enough about it to say how to do that. But I think there arre
ways to add arbitrary properties into the file.

> If so, we might decide this is the standard way applications should be set 
> up with Renaissance, and modify all examples/templates/documentation to do 
> it in this way.

Thats what I was hopiing you would say :-)

*BUT* if you ware going to do this then you need to find and kill the other bug
I mailed you about. Currently if you put an actual window into a markup
file which is loaded before NSApplicationMain() under GNUstep then it does
not appear. This woorks fine under OSX but breaks on GNustep.

Once that gets solved then I think its a much nicer way to do things tough.
Looks far more like the NIB way of working too, which is a selling point...


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