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Recent version of GNUstep make on OSX

From: Pete French
Subject: Recent version of GNUstep make on OSX
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 02:19:41 +0100

I think something broke in CVS - the target.make file looks like this
at line 244:

<<<<<<< target.make
  INTERNAL_OBJCFLAGS += -no-cpp-precomp
  # TODO - Check if we can do without -no-cpp-precomp for Objective-C.
  INTERNAL_OBJCFLAGS += -no-cpp-precomp
>>>>>>> 1.147
  ifneq ($(arch),)

which make (unsurprisingly) gets somewhat unhappy about...

not quite sure where all those arrows have come from. looks
like a buggered up patch to me possibly ? I removed those lines, but
it is also building some very odd Info.plist files (syntacticly
invalid ones). 


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