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Re: Bug handling UNC pathes on windows in NSString.m/NSFileManager.m

From: Roland Schwingel
Subject: Re: Bug handling UNC pathes on windows in NSString.m/NSFileManager.m
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:25:56 +0200


> > My applied patch fixes this in NSString.m and NSFileManger.m by
> > leaving an additional / in front of the internal representation.
> That won't work ... having an initial '//' in the internal
> representation is just wrong
> and would screw up lots of code ... because the slash character is the
> path separator
> and any application splitting the path into components and reassembling
> it would
> get confused.
I yet couldn't find any problems with my version, but your approach
mentioned below is also fine...

> I think that what is needed is some improved way of mapping UNC paths
> to/from
> workable internal names.
> I've tried adding a new convention for UNC paths ... the '//' is held
> internally as '~@'
> This matches the existing convention for drive letters ('C:' maps to
> '~C') and is also
> (I hope) readable with respect to network drives .... as
> '//server/directory/file.ext'
> maps to 'address@hidden/directory/file.ext' and '@server' can be read as 'at
> server', which
> should be quite clear.
Sounds to be a good idea... Is it already available in CVS so it can be

Roland, doing a CVS lookup right now...

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