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Charmap 0.1 released

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Charmap 0.1 released
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 07:00:21 +0300

Charmap 0.1 "In Soviet Ukraine, Charmap releases you"


Charmap is a character map for GNUstep.

Charmap 0.1 is the first major release, as the alpha proved useful for several 
people and I guess the beta was okay too because I didn't get any response.

What's new

* Font selection
* Documentation
* Improved presentation of Unicode information (thanks to Alex Malmberg). 
Charmap will now display the CJK ideograph definition if the file Unihan.txt is 
present in the directory Charmap is launched from. See INSTALL

Known Problems

* When the matrix for a given Unicode block is generated, it doesn't deactivate 
the superfluous cells, resulting in barely-noticable overlap. This has proved a 
very frustrating problem and I would be grateful for any help from experienced 
* The higher portions of Unicode still aren't supported because GNUstep's 
NSString doesn't support them. This shouldn't be a big problem, since there are 
very few fonts at the moment which have anything in the higher portions.
* When you switch to another Unicode block, there are some NSLog messages about 
deleted rows which don't exist.

Enhancements Still To Come

* CJK and decomposition information - maybe in a loadable bundle to minimize 
size (otherwise you'd have a 20MB character map)
* A goto option (by using the hex number or Unicode name)
* A Help feature using Nicholas Roard's HelpViewer


See Charmap's project page at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/charmap

Downloads are now signed with my GPG key, in addition to MD5 and SHA1 
checksums, for the security-minded connosieur of free software.

Christopher Culver - address@hidden
PGP key ID: ECA6CDA8 (sign only)
Fingerprint: C162 22C6 DB7E D59D 0CEE 71D5 4E29 DE72 ECA6 CDA8
PGP key ID: 8C444E97 (sign/encrypt)
Fingerprint: E7BA D851 9714 8D97 C4F9 1777 8168 6913 8C44 4E97

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