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Re: Problem with file owner on Renaissance files

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Problem with file owner on Renaissance files
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:03:38 +0100

> You are on Apple, are not you ?  Passing NSApp works on GNUstep.  I don't
> have an Apple here, but I imagine NSApp doesn't work there. :-)

Yup, it was OSSX. Sorry not to mention that - I use the two systems
interchangeably these days so I never really think about mentioning which
is which for Renassance issues.

(I've removed bug-gnustep from the headers as this isnt a bug after all)

> If owner's class is from a bundle, then from that bundle.  If owner's
> class is not from a bundle, then the mainBundle.

Ah, right - I get whats going on now.

What I'm trying to do is do the equivalent of loading the "main nib" that
gets loaded automatically if pressent, just that I wnt to use a GSMarkup
file instead. I dont think I've ever really though about who the files
owner would be for the main nib file (whoich object is it ?)

> Or just extend/stretch the one we have, for example allowing 'nil' to be
> used as 'owner' in +loadGSMarkupNamed:owner:, meaning to load from the
> main bundle without an NSOwner key in the external name table.  I'm
> tempted to do this.

That looks good - or possibly have a +loadGSMarkupNamed: with no
'owner:' parameter that just loads from the main bundle ?

...or maybe if I knew who the files owner should be for the main nib file
I could just pass that in :-)


PS: I have been having a few quirks with Renassance recenttly, which I dont
    know if they are down to me or down to the library. Will send you a
    separate email about those though.

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