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Re: VideoPlayer.app - Some questions and a POD

From: Tobias
Subject: Re: VideoPlayer.app - Some questions and a POD
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 00:02:15 +0200
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> I haven't follow all the previous discussion.  I may say silly
> things.
> You should have a look at
>   core/back/Source/x11/XGGLContext.m
> In this file, I wrote a class (that could be reused).  Its goal is to
> attach an X-window to any NSView, provided it is not rotated from it's
> NSWindow.

i allready used this. i can give you patches (no spectacular, but clean), to 
seperate these two classes, so that it can be reused w/o #includeing any 
opengl headers.

i can post, if there is interest.

> I use it to implement GL context in NSView.  But it can be used for
> other purposes, like swallowing another X11 window (from another
> process, why not) in an NSView.   At this moment, all this stuff is very
> alpha.  Clipping from ancestor views is not handle at all, for
> instance.
> In  this mess, you will find answers to some of your questions (how to
> get the X geometry of an NSView, ...)
> Basically, you pointed that the X backend should expose some utility
> functions/classes to directly manipulate X objets, intercept X events,
> ... Eventually, I will clean up this class and expose it to the
> outside world.
> I don't know how libxine works.  But according to the screenshots, it
> looks like the libxine doesn't have its own X-window.  Maybe if you
> use a subwindow, properly placed, just to display the movie,  it would
> solve the repaint bug, and, the synchronisation bug (just have
> a separate X connection for libxine).
> By the way, having your own window probably enables the possibility to
> use some X extensions, like XVideo (but I really don't know the
> subject, maybe libxine already do the job)

it does. using xine in this subwin is no problem with xv and without (on 
ancient xfree3)


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