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Re: VideoPlayer.app - Some questions and a POD

From: Frederic De Jaeger
Subject: Re: VideoPlayer.app - Some questions and a POD
Date: 15 Jul 2003 23:55:18 +0200
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I haven't follow all the previous discussion.  I may say silly

You should have a look at 

In this file, I wrote a class (that could be reused).  Its goal is to
attach an X-window to any NSView, provided it is not rotated from it's
I use it to implement GL context in NSView.  But it can be used for
other purposes, like swallowing another X11 window (from another
process, why not) in an NSView.   At this moment, all this stuff is very
alpha.  Clipping from ancestor views is not handle at all, for
In  this mess, you will find answers to some of your questions (how to
get the X geometry of an NSView, ...)

Basically, you pointed that the X backend should expose some utility
functions/classes to directly manipulate X objets, intercept X events,
... Eventually, I will clean up this class and expose it to the
outside world.

I don't know how libxine works.  But according to the screenshots, it
looks like the libxine doesn't have its own X-window.  Maybe if you
use a subwindow, properly placed, just to display the movie,  it would
solve the repaint bug, and, the synchronisation bug (just have
a separate X connection for libxine).
By the way, having your own window probably enables the possibility to
use some X extensions, like XVideo (but I really don't know the
subject, maybe libxine already do the job)

And finally, doing all this dirty stuff, you are not far away to have
implemented the backend part of the NSMovie and NSMovieView, from
MacOSX's AppKit...

It would be great, if this is compatible with the licence of your code
of course,  that you write a bundle for the X backend that contains
all your code, in such way that the gui can trivially use it to
implement the two previous classes.


  Frédéric De Jaeger

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