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Re: Linking problems with mingW32

From: Tom Koelman
Subject: Re: Linking problems with mingW32
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 08:33:58 +0200
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<address@hidden> writes:

> I am trying to install Gnustep 1.7.1/0.8.7 versions on Windows XP. I
> started with the 0.5 version of the installer and compiled
> 1.7.1/0.8.7 versions. I have everything installed out of the box,
> but get linking problems with all of the example applications.
> Should i be setting any environment variables?

Could you elaborate a bit on the linking problems you get? As far as
base is concerned, as long as you use the shell the installer prepared
for you the environment variables should be okay. Because you mention
0.8.7 I guess you compiled AppKit as well, and I haven't installed
that myself under Windows at all yet.


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