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Re: DO broadcast

From: Damien Genet
Subject: Re: DO broadcast
Date: 15 Jul 2003 02:09:35 +0200


Le jeu 10/07/2003 à 23:06, Stefan Urbanek a écrit :
> Well, you cannot have more objects with same name, at least, not by using 
> default gnustep DO name server. You can create your own name server, if you 
> like. However, what can you do, is to register all objects with NameXXX where 
> XXX is a number. If you want to get a list of them, just post a distributed 
> notification. See NSDistributedNotificationCenter. Make servers be observers 
> of some notification that will be posted by an object which wants to know all 
> servers. Then each server can post notification with their identification.

We also thought about having a name server, but we can't rely on always
having a name server on the local network.
What happens if the current server disapears ? Which host should become
the new name server ? How will the new name server know the games that
were registered before the old one disapeared ? What if a malicious user
try to start a second name server to hide the current ?

Of course some of these problems could have solutions like establishing
a protocol for the election of the name server (like, if there is no
name server, wait for a random time, if there is still no server, start
one), and each games could send a message every minute to register
themselves to the current name server (a timeout would means that the
current one is dead). But these adds a lots of complexity, and i'm not
sure how well they would practicaly work.

It seems to be the very same problem for notifications how could we be
sure there will always be a gdnc (and only one) configured as a
network-wide server ?



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