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Re: Makefile packages do not work oon OSX due to use of -traditional-cpp

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: Makefile packages do not work oon OSX due to use of -traditional-cpp
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 20:28:23 +0200

Well, replying to myself is lame but I searched the web and found 
something on that topic.

On 14.07.2003 19:52:15 Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:
>On 14.07.2003 19:28:56 Pete French wrote:
>>The subject says it all really... doing a build I get:
>>bash-2.05a$ make messages="yes"
>>Making all for app Rattatosk...
>>gcc Rattatosk_main.m -c \
>>      -MMD -MP -DNeXT_Foundation_LIBRARY=1 -DNeXT_GUI_LIBRARY=1
>>-DNeXT_RUNTIME=1 -framework Foundation -framework AppKit 
>>-dynamic -fno-common -DGSWARN -DGSDIAGNOSE -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing
>>-fnext-runtime -framework Renaissance -I. \
>>       -o shared_obj/Rattatosk_main.o
>>gcc: GNU Objective C no longer supports traditional compilation
>>make[1]: *** [shared_obj/Rattatosk_main.o] Error 1
>>make: *** [Rattatosk.all.app.variables] Error 2
>>This is with todays CVS. The machine is running 10.2.6 (which is
>>the Panther pre-release isnt it ?) so it might have a newev version of
>>compilers on it too...
>It is still Jaguar but this doesn't matter that much here. What matters 
>the gcc version you use (that means what version of the developer tools
>are installed, I asume you have the lastest version using gcc 3.3
>installed). If I remember this correctly somewhere on the way from 
>gcc 3.1 to (apple) gcc 3.3 the -traditional-cpp flag was removed. Since 
>is possible to install diffferent versions of the developer tools at a
>given Mac OS X / Darwin, a check for the compiler version is what is
>needed here.
>>How did the 'traditional' get in there and how can it be taken out ?
>I think it has something to do with the configure process you run when
>installing GNUstep (make). If Darwin is detected this flag is used. I
>think it was needed with older versions of Apple's gcc.

Obviously this flag was here to disable the precompiled headers (what 
seems to be a common practice when porting to Darwin). However instead of 
"-traditional-cpp" "-no-cpp-precomp" should be used. A sort of explanation 
is within here (Account: archives Password: archives): 

>greetings, Lars
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