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Re: Working my was through the tutorials

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Re: Working my was through the tutorials
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 23:47:00 +0300

On 2003-07-11 19:23:01 +0300 Liam Whalen <address@hidden> wrote:
The menu comes up fine and it shows that 'q' is the shortcut key but when
I hit q nothing happens.  Clicking on the menu item quits the program.  Do
I have tried clicking on the applications icon then hitting 'q' but that
doesn't work either.

You have to hit Alt then the keyEquivalent. When you set the keyEquivalent, Alt 
is understood. Alt-q will quit all GS apps (at least ones that conform to the 
UI guidelines).

Secondly after I do quit I get this message in the terminal window:
FirstApp[17796] Failed to locate strings file Localizable

This has  been fixed in GNUstep CVS.

It takes the focus off of my emacs session and then I have to click the
emacs icon to get the focus back.  Not a big deal but I'm wondering if I
am missing something in my GNUstep install that is causing that error?

Focus has been screwed up lately, I'm not sure if that's a GS problem or a 
window manager problem. I'm sure one of the developers will post soon.

Christopher Culver

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