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Re: Problem with AppKit/Fonts?

From: Andreas Voegele
Subject: Re: Problem with AppKit/Fonts?
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 21:10:00 +0200
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Dietmar Dreyer writes:

> Hi erverybody!
> I'm really new to GNUStep but also really enthusiastic. I installed
> the complete GNUStep-Suite on a fresh Redhat 9 Intel686-Platform and
> everything went fine. There's only one problem: All GUI-Elements of
> the AppKit do not display any fonts, there are just blank menus,
> buttons etc.  Any ideas?

The text isn't visible since it is drawn in the wrong colour.

I've just installed the CVS version of gdb, but the Objective-C
support is pretty useless since the "next" command does not work

"printf" debugging shows that the foreground colour is set to the
background colour just before the text is drawn:

setColor: fg=000000
setColor: fg=000000
setColor: fg=FFFFFF
setColor: fg=FFFFFF
setColor: fg=545454
setColor: fg=545454
setColor: fg=AAAAAA
drawGlyphs: fg=AAAAAA

I'm also new to GNUstep and I don't think that I'll be able to find
this bug without a working version of gdb within a reasonable amount
of time.

BTW, is anyone working on Objective-C bindings for GTK+ 2?

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