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Re: porting to GNUstep from OSX

From: Bill Northcott
Subject: Re: porting to GNUstep from OSX
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:14:53 +1000

> > Have a look at what Aqua tcl/tk do.  They use PB builds with a script
> > step
> > that runs the configure script to set up the headers.  This code was
> > largely done by Jim Ingham who is on Apple's payroll.

> Yes, right, but that's a Unix package converted to OS X. Such action
> doesn't make sense for a native package, though. And, added to that, it
> doesn't work well with PBX (also Xcode) from the UI. Because OS X
> (Jaguar, Panther, etc.) is (mostly) a well defined environment it
> doesn't make sense to use autoconf - autoconf was designed to be able
> to produce working results of packages in (probably) unknown
> environments.

I am confused (a normal state).  Why would you convert to GNUstep except 
to make the package portable?  It seems likely you will also need to use 
autoconf as part of the portability.

Bill Northcott

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