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RE : ImageViewer evolution

From: Peron, Stéphane
Subject: RE : ImageViewer evolution
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 12:28:47 +0200

Well ...

Using often ImageViewer, below are things that could be very useful for me :
- A Zoom
- SlideShow function
- Images centered
- No-crash on unreable files
- Eventually a zone selector (in order to copy a selection in the pasteboard).


Stéphane PERON

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Philippe C.D. Robert [mailto:address@hidden]
Envoyé : lundi 7 juillet 2003 12:00
À : GNUstep Discussion
Objet : RFD: ImageViewer evolution


during the past few weeks (or should I say months) I realised that I have the
"strong urge to improve ImageViewer" ...:-)
But since I do not want to design it decoupled from user expectations, I'd be
happy if I could get some feedback on this. So far I have the following items
on my personal feature whishlist:

- support for thumbnails when opening an image folder
- integration with digital cameras, as I now have one too :-)
- support for image albums, but much more flexible (and faster!) than eg.
  iPhoto albums
- basic image editing features, similar to what iPhoto provides (red eye
  reduction, convolution, ... )
- image export functionality, eg. to HTML, email, ...

So if you have other specific whishes or requests regarding these or other
features, please let me know (even if it is only a detail)!

Philippe C.D. Robert     |  VNET# 559-1565
Core Rendering           |  Office: +41 (0)32 732 15 65
Silicon Graphics, Inc.   |  Home: +41 (0)31 302 45 22

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