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Re: ANNOUNCE GSDock-0.0.1

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE GSDock-0.0.1
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 07:50:10 -0700 (PDT)

The Dock should, at some point, be made omnipresent so that it will exist on
all workspaces (either in WindowMaker or another WM).  I am having a similar
problem with InnerSpace (a BackSpace clone).

I don't want to hack something in using X11 code, but there is currently no
way, it seems, to tell the backend to make a window omnipresent.

Later, GJC

--- address@hidden wrote:
> GSDock-0.0.1
> The source and OS X binary are available at 
> http://www.sf.net/projects/gsdock
> Features:
>       *Looks like the OpenStep Dock but behaves somewhat like the OS X Dock 
> (A hybrid)
>       *Accepts dragged applications
>       *Accepts dragged documents and tiles highlight if the app accepts the 
> document
>       *Tiles resize as they are added.  you can put as many tiles into the 
> dock as you wish
>       *Recycler
>       *Apps animate as they are launched
>       *Cross compiles to Cocoa/OS X
>       *Context sensitive menus (oh noo!!!!) on tiles.
> Known issues:
>       When compiled in GNUstep:
>               *Mouse dragginng events have wrong positions, possible a WMaker 
> issue.
>               *Launching apps will not animate.
>               *AppIcon tiles will still appear on bottom of screen.
>               *It actually works much better in Cocoa than in GNUstep at the 
> present.
>       When compiled in Cocoa:
>               *Some apps are not reported by NSworkspace as being apps.  
> These apps 
> will not be swallowed by the dock.
>               *Dock will grow and place itself under the menu bar.
>               *Dock will show itself over full screen applications/windows.
>       When compiled in GNUstep or Cocoa:
>               *No known method to update the AppIcon when the App changes it.
>               *As tiles shrink the icons can look jagged.
>               *No known method to ask other apps to hide or terminate 
> themselves.
>               *Recycler is not yet implemented.
>               *Dock is stuck on right hand side of screen.  Cannot be moved 
> at the 
> present.
>               *Still has a main menu.
>               *Will hide if asked, just like it was a regular app.
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