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Bus Error (core dumped)

From: Andreas Hoeschler
Subject: Bus Error (core dumped)
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 23:21:55 +0200

Hi developers,

this is really driving me crazy. I have code that runs fine on one machine but on the other I get a Bus Error.

bash-2.03$ ConTestClient
2003-07-04 23:15:16.001 ConTestClient[8751] Log A
2003-07-04 23:15:16.040 ConTestClient[8751] Log B
2003-07-04 23:15:16.041 ConTestClient[8751] Log C
Bus Error (core dumped)

        id < FBProxy, ConTestProtocol > proxy;
         NSLog(@"Log A");
                proxy = [connection rootProxy];
         NSLog(@"Log B");
         [proxy setProtocolForProxy:@protocol(ConTestProtocol)];
         NSLog(@"Log C");
         [proxy sendName:@"Andreas"];     // <------------------
         NSLog(@"Log D");

Sending sendName: to the proxy leads to the bus error. FBProxy is a subclass of NSProxy. This problem occured first with the latest release from cvs. What can I do to dig deeper into that? I have no idea how to investigate this any further.

A hint would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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