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_time_zone_path() returns nil in latest version

From: Andreas Hoeschler
Subject: _time_zone_path() returns nil in latest version
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 16:50:31 +0200


when I run my application I get

2003-07-04 14:36:37.273 HolzPoolWeb[19373] NSTimeZone initWithName: Europe/Berlin 2003-07-04 14:36:37.275 HolzPoolWeb[19373] Unknown time zone name `Europe/Berlin'. 2003-07-04 14:36:37.275 HolzPoolWeb[19373] Using time zone with absolute offset 0.

I have tracked down the problem to the following function in NSTimeZone.m

static NSString *_time_zone_path(NSString *subpath)
  NSBundle *gbundle;
  gbundle = [NSBundle bundleForLibrary: @"gnustep-base"];

        NSLog(@"_time_zone_path gbundle %@", gbundle);
        NSLog(@"_time_zone_path subpath %@", subpath);
        NSLog(@"_time_zone_path TIME_ZONE_DIR %@", TIME_ZONE_DIR);
  return [gbundle pathForResource: subpath
                           ofType: @""
                      inDirectory: TIME_ZONE_DIR];

This function logs the following

2003-07-04 14:41:49.494 HolzPoolWeb[21642] _time_zone_path gbundle <NSBundle: 1d02b0> 2003-07-04 14:41:49.495 HolzPoolWeb[21642] _time_zone_path subpath zones/ 2003-07-04 14:41:49.495 HolzPoolWeb[21642] _time_zone_path TIME_ZONE_DIR NSTimeZones

but returns nil. Does this ring any bells? Help is greatly appreciated.



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