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NSCalendarDate problem

From: Andreas Hoeschler
Subject: NSCalendarDate problem
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 20:47:34 +0200

Hi all,

the two lines

NSCalendarDate *date = [[NSCalendarDate alloc] initWithYear:0 month:0 day:0 hour:18 minute:0 second:0 timeZone:nil];
      NSLog(@"date %@", date);

produce the following output.

2003-07-03 20:44:40.516 FBTest[18838] File NSCalendarDate.m: 1239. In [NSCalendarDate -initWithYear:month:day:hour:minute:second:timeZone:] invalid month given - 0 2003-07-03 20:44:40.526 FBTest[18838] File NSCalendarDate.m: 1244. In [NSCalendarDate -initWithYear:month:day:hour:minute:second:timeZone:] invalid day given - 0
2003-07-03 20:44:40.526 FBTest[18838] date 0000-01-01 06:00:00 +0100

I assume this is a bug. It's a few months since I got a current version from cvs. Has this problem been fixed in the meanwhile or should I look into the sources myself?

Thanks a lot,


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