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Re: [RFC] Header organization of -base & -gui

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: [RFC] Header organization of -base & -gui
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 11:23:24 +0200
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Adam Fedor wrote:

Well, GNUstepBase (a.k.a gnustep/base) doesn't just contain baseadd headers, it also contains private headers for the internal implementation of base. It would be easy not to install these on apple-apple-apple, or perhaps not install them at all on any platform...

Thanks, yes, let me clarify my view on this. I really think the headers should either be private to -base (and therefor exist in the Source directory) or be part of additions. If for some reason we can't or shouldn't provide some functionalitiy within the header on apple-apple-apple, then this should be #ifdef'ed with an comment explaining exactly why this is the case. (Or maybe even providing a runtime error message with the message, if the feature is function or method.) But I doubt this should be necessary.

After first sighting of these headers, though I believe the goal should be to have the following headers privat to -base:

and the following files should be part of -baseadd:

Whether or not we can do this prior to or following the transition seems irrelavant to me though, as were aren't breaking anything that currently works. These headers currently only get installed when building -base so no code building on apple-apple-apple can be using it yet. Therefor these headers will reside in GNUstepBase only if installed with -base just like they currently only get installed in gnustep/base. But in the long run, these should be made available in -baseadd and always get installed in GNUstepBase.


PS: I got a private request, which I agree with, to use GNUstepGUI in favor of GNUstepGui, due to the fact that GUI is an acronym, *if* we agree on this change at all.

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