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Re: Text drawing bug - gaps after 16th character in scaled view

From: Kazunobu Kuriyama
Subject: Re: Text drawing bug - gaps after 16th character in scaled view
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 16:53:23 +0900
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Alexander Malmberg wrote:

The wiki has a couple of pages about this:


- Alexander Malmberg

Thanks to you and Pete French, I installed the art backend.
I am going to report the result to you.

In short, the art backend works fine.

At first I forgot to set GSFontAntiAlias to YES and, naturally,
got the same result as that of the xlib backend.  After setting
the environmental variable correctly, the trouble has disappeared!

One thing to note: Depending on the value of GSFontAntiAlias,
I saw different kind of fonts.  So I'm not sure if I conclude
the cause of the bug really lies in the xlib backend.  I'll test
other programs to see what happens, and if I find something,
I'll send you a supplement to this note.


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