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re: iconv

From: James Fletemeyer
Subject: re: iconv
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 21:35:10 -0400


        I have discovered that 
        WindowMaker creates ~/GNUstep/Library/
        and ~/GNUstep/Defaults in your case
        probably when you run wmaker.inst.
        In my case it was starting WindowMaker
        with a script wmaker which created
        these directories if they did not exist.

        If you delete ~/GNUstep and then
        recreate it using GNUstep.sh 
        only ~/GNUstep/Services/ and ~/GNUstep/.GNUstepDefaults
        are created. This seems to cause apps to
        segfault on startup. Perhaps trying to 
        recreate the font cache. 

        I delete ~/GNUstep run GNUstep.sh
        try and start an app and it segfaults.
        Then I simple did mkdir ~/GNUstep/Library
        and Defaults and apps start recreate
        the font cache and run.

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