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Re: iconv...

From: mirko . viviani
Subject: Re: iconv...
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 23:58:17 +0000

You wrote:

> The difference between those two is, libiconv (installed as libgiconv)
> has support for Unicode.

Hmmm it seems also iconv:

33 charsets are supported in this port: most Unicode encodings,
all charsets for which locale exist in FreeBSD, few IBM-DOS ones.

>From iconv-extras:

There are 68 charset modules in this port: those for all charsets
presented at the Unicode site but not included into the main
iconv package.

> If you install libxml2 via ports, it will automagically install libiconv.

The new libxml2 is linked with libgiconv, the old (the one I have installed)
was linked with libiconv.

> You can either patch gnustep-base's configure to search for -lgiconv or
> also install 'iconv' - libiconv and libgiconv work fine side-by-side,
> though I personally prefer to "patch" configure.



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