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Re: Incompatibility in NSMutableSet

From: Pascal Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Incompatibility in NSMutableSet
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 18:08:38 +0200 (CEST)

"Michael Scheibler" <address@hidden> wrote:
> In OpenStep NSMutableSet had a method named
> setSet:
> - ((void)setSet:(NSSet *)otherSet
> Empties the receiver, then adds each object contained in otherSet to the
> receiver The new
> member is sent a retain message as it is added to the receiver.
> (copied from Apple's Foundation api documentation)
> It's missing in GNUstep!
> Michael

No.  It's not  an OpenStep  method. In  OpenStep, NSMutableSet  has no
method named setSet:.

It's an Apple extension.

You're free to implement it in a category NSMutableSet(AppleExtensions).

address@hidden Classes]$ cd /local/doc/OpenStep 
address@hidden Classes]$ ls
./                            NSMethodSignature.rtf
../                           NSMutableArray.rtf
IntroFoundationClasses.rtfd/  NSMutableCharacterSet.rtf
NSArchiver.rtf                NSMutableData.rtf
NSArray.rtf                   NSMutableDictionary.rtf
NSAssertionHandler.rtf        NSMutableSet.rtf
NSAutoreleasePool.rtf         NSMutableString.rtf
NSBTreeBlock.rtf              NSNotification.rtf
NSBTreeCursor.rtf             NSNotificationCenter.rtf
NSBundle.rtf                  NSNotificationQueue.rtf
NSByteStore.rtf               NSNumber.rtf
NSByteStoreFile.rtf           NSObject.rtf
NSCalendarDate.rtf            NSProcessInfo.rtf
NSCharacterSet.rtf            NSProxy.rtf
NSCoder.rtf                   NSRecursiveLock.rtf
NSConditionLock.rtf           NSRunLoop.rtf
NSConnection.rtf              NSScanner.rtf
NSCountedSet.rtf              NSSerializer.rtf
NSData.rtf                    NSSet.rtf
NSDate.rtf                    NSString.rtf
NSDeserializer.rtf            NSThread.rtf
NSDictionary.rtf              NSTimeZone.rtf
NSDistantObject.rtf           NSTimeZoneDetail.rtf
NSEnumerator.rtf              NSTimer.rtf
NSException.rtfd/             NSUnarchiver.rtf
NSInvocation.rtf              NSUserDefaults.rtf
NSLock.rtf                    NSValue.rtf
address@hidden Classes]$ grep setSet: *Set*
address@hidden Classes]$ 

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