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gnustep-objc (mingw/cygwin): Make process

From: Michael Scheibler
Subject: gnustep-objc (mingw/cygwin): Make process
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 13:36:19 +0200

There is a problem in gnustep-objc's make on mingw/cygwin systems. It is no
actual problem of the Makefile (that's why not bugs-gnustep), but an error
occurs if you use mingw-compiler on cygwin-host (and cygwin-bash), which is
the only possibility to make gnustep on Windows NT:

echo "" > tmp-runtime
echo "/* This file is automatically generated */" > runtime-info.h
`gcc -print-prog-name=cc1obj` -print-objc-runtime-info tmp-runtime >>
e:\mingw\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\mingw32\2.95.2\cc1obj.exe: not found

The problem: mingw-gcc -print-prog-name=cc1obj returns a windows path, not
cygwin. I am currently executing this command by myself after re-executing

A possibility would be a cygwin utility called cygpath:

cygpath -u `gcc -print-prog-name=cc1obj`

This returns the correct (unix-like) path of cc1obj.
But: it's not possible to do something like this:

CC1OBJ = `cygpath -u `$(CC) -print-prog-name=cc1obj``

Should it perhaps be inside a shell script?


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