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Build Guide 1.2.2

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Build Guide 1.2.2
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 19:18:30 +0200

Hi all,

I just released the GNUstep Build Guide version 1.2.2
All is checked, except for the gdb part. I can confirm the build, not
the configuration.

Due to a loss of e-mail (an error between keyboard and chair) I lost the
address of someone who pointed out to me that there was more to it then
there is in the actual Guide. If that person could contact me again
about this, or if someone else on the list can comment on this, please
let me know.

Further more the Guide should be more or less consistend now. And I
don't expect lots of updates hereafter. So it's time to expand. Ideas ?

And the place is as usual: http://www.made-it.com/GNUstep/Build


Dennis Leeuw

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