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Help : bundle loading under mingw32

From: Gerard Iglesias
Subject: Help : bundle loading under mingw32
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 00:02:29 +0200

Today I get the last snapshot of core/base and built base under cygwin/mingw, everything work like it do with mingw excepted that I can't get the loading of LoadMe in the nsbundle example correctly.

In fact I didn't succeeded to link with the built libobjc (last version downloaded today), my code work only with the libobjc I got with mingw 0.5.1 distribution.

I built gnustep-base with : shared=no debug=yes
and also with : shared=yes debug=yes

I built nsbundle with : shared=no debug=yes
I built LoadMe with : shared=yes debug=yes

and nsbundle.exe work until it attempts to get the principal class, after the module loading it the _bundle_class var is empty, hence the number of valid registered classes is zero.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Nevertheless I am going to start programming some win32/Foundation/OpenGL stuff, but I would like to understand why I can't use bundle. It seems to me that

Ph.D. in Computer Graphics MacOS X-Cocoa to have fun
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