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cygwin/mingw and gnustep

From: Gerard Iglesias
Subject: cygwin/mingw and gnustep
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 18:19:19 +0200

Well, I read a lot of stuff about this in the archive but I have some question to ask. Read also the Readme.mingw, that I will modify after my success, if I succeed...

I use the last mingw distrib (0.5.1) with gcc2.95.2-3

I use the last package of gnustep-make, libobjc and gnustep-base.

First, when I configure then make the gnustep-make with the target i686-mingw32, and use GNUstep.sh, then the GNUSTEP_HOST_OS is set to cygwin no mingw32, I modify myself the var to get the libobjc compilation working.

Second to succeed to get libobjc with mingw/cygwin I had to create the objc folder then copy all the *.h in it to get the compilation happy, it seems that at a certain level the include directive doesn't work anymore and is not able to find certain header s with the objc/ folder prefix, it happen precisely with the inclusion of objc-decls.h, objc-mem.

After that I succeed to get the base compiling but a lot of things doesn't work and I had to compile gnustep-base with shared=no to get some example of the Testing folder working, but for example it is not clear for me how to do compile LoadMe in order to get it working?

Is there some people succeeding to use Foundation under Windows/NT???

In fact I am working to get 3DKit(future version) working under Windows.

Thank you in advance.

Ph.D. in Computer Graphics MacOS X-Cocoa to have fun
Project manager at www.visiotics.com Win32/MFC to eat

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