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GNUmakefiles hopefully different

From: Andrew Robbins
Subject: GNUmakefiles hopefully different
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 00:23:49 -0700

Hi I'm a MacOSX user

I'm trying to install GNUstep to test it out, and just play with having two OpenStep implementations on the same machine... =), also i'm very interested in seeing ProjectCenter bcome as good as or better than Apple's. ProjB. The problem i'm having now is that part of the makefiles for gnustep-base copy things to the root partition temporarily, and even if i'm root it gives me lots of errors. Apperently darwin has security issues with that. specifically, this is the problem:

md5.c:26: header file 'config.h' not found

but its 'mv' ing it to /, and it can't bcuz its a script and it deletes the config.h in the gnustep-base/Headers/gnustep/base/config.h

its rather tireing to ./configure each time i want to try something to make it work... or copying duplicates... i can't find where in the GNUstep-Make system or in the GNUmakefile for this proj this moving thing is or if there is a macro for it...

Andrew Robbins

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