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Re: First release of GSDict.app made available

From: Frederic
Subject: Re: First release of GSDict.app made available
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 18:07:50 +0200

Richard Frith-Macdonald a écrit :
> Ok ... nice litte app.  It took me a long time to download the websters
> dictionary to test it with though!
> Presumably there are some public servers on the internet ... might I
> suggest
> supplying a config file set up to point to them so that people don't
> need to
> download the dict server and databases.

I realize that I was not clear in my initial mail: you dont need to
download the dictionary!!! By default, dict will contact dict.org at
port 2628. It may not be true with a firewall.

> Possibly the app could offer a preferences panel to let you configure it
> to
> select a dict server to use.

Yes, I plan to do that.

>Another nice enhancement would be socks
> support
> (I'm behind a firewall).
Ok. I dont know how to do that but I will try to learn.
> Oh ... I noticed a crash at Document.m:430, probably because the code on
> the next
> line decrements the position without checking to see if it's already
> zero.  I think
> there is a similar problem with the forward button.

Thanks for the feedback and bug report, I will correct that. 


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