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RFC: gnustep.com

From: Lucas C. Wagner
Subject: RFC: gnustep.com
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 00:26:50 -0400

I have been either liquidating the "assets" of Spindletop Sys.
Dynamics LLC.

In terms of donation,  a lot of it is going to the new nonrprofit 
organization a several folks and I are beginning in Cambridge, MA - Spindl3top 
(spindl3top.org).  You may have read something about it on Slash or 
K5 before, though it probably wasn't nonprofit at that time since 
researching the legalities and costs of going nonprofit took several
weeks of my time culminating in our recent articles of organization
and election of officers (see front page of spindl3top.org).

One of those assets that Spindletop Sys. Dynamics LLC owns was 
registered in the Fall of 1999, the domain name "gnustep.com".  It 
hasn't pointed to anything since last year, mostly because my 
priorities have been in other places.  It was a mirror of gnustep.org. 

In the time that the company owned it, $5K was offered for the domain
name... which we didn't accepted because I (personally) felt that 
it should be for noncommercial use.  I didn't always feel that way, but,
opinions and attitudes do change.

I am deciding against auctioning the domain name off at eBay or
whatever unless people are overwhelmingly for it.  Rather,
if you would like, I will hand it over to Manuel Guesdon and he 
can do a CNAME to gnustep.org or something.  My personal
reservation about this is that there is no way to make certain
gnustep.com will not be used for commercial purposes, since that 
was the problem some had a little more than a year ago with
it being used. 

Can it be donated to the FSF to hold, since it is a GNU project? 
(could someone find out?)  This is a more appealing option.

Please don't directly e-mail me and cc: the list about this
unless it is private and pertains to me specifically as I have
enough e-mail these days without potential flamewars clogging it up;
just use the mailing list to discuss the options, I'll be 
in the background reading, I'll crosscheck the results with Adam
and whatever is the dominant will shall be done.


I also have 35 or so shirts of my original artwork (Josh Oakes
models it here  - www.spindl3top.org/products/1002.jpg) for those
who would like to sell GNUstep t-shirts...   Please e-mail me if 
you would like to take possession of the only GNUstep t-shirts 
(AFAIK) available right now.  Pricing is very reasonable/negotiable.


Spindletop LLC is going to stop producing the NeXT-ish looking
Blackbirds (www.spindletp.com) -- the nonprofit Spindl3top will 
be doing them (taking them over) as a way to raise money to support
our goals.  They are going to be on the high-end because as a nonprofit
we will have very VERY limited resources and most of the work is done 
by volunteers for fun and learning.  We can't "mass produce" for 
everyones' tastes of course and would be required by the IRS to sell 
them for a specified markup.  


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