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Solaris 8/sparc?

From: Alvin Jee
Subject: Solaris 8/sparc?
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 15:02:19 -0700

Hello all!

  I've started looking into using GNUstep on a Solaris 8/sparc machine.  
GNUstep doesn't work out to of the box, of course :-(  Is anybody working  
with GNUstep on a Solaris 8/sparc machine? I don't want to hack a new path  
through the jungle if someone else has already cut a path.

  Anyways, I've found 2 problems so far:

  1) the decode macro in NSTimeZone was causing seg faults. Once I fixed  
that, I get:

  2) seg faults in NSSerializer when converting to unicode strings and  
stuff. Looks like a buffer over-run, but can't be sure.

  Anybody see these problems before? Oh, I found these while trying to  
install the base 1.0.0 stuff. Haven't gotten to the gui package yet.

Alvin Jee
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