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RE: Dual head question

From: Jan Trembulak
Subject: RE: Dual head question
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 10:18:23 +0100

As it has been already mentioned , in the operating system Openstep for Mach
4.2 it is very easy to shift whe window from one screen to another by a
simple dragging of the window from a screen (using the mouse).

Currently, for my application (on GNU step) any  possibility of shifting an
already open window to another screen would be satisfying.

Is it in principle possible to perform this shift on the Xwindows system?
As far as I know, the window is being created by using the XCreateWindow...
function that features 'Display *' as one of the arguments. This "display"
is opened by the XOpenDisplay function to which the number of "screen" is
being handed over as an argument. If my consideration is correct,  the
window created by X server is associated with the concrete "screen". Is it
posible at all to change this "screan" assigned to the window?


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